Get Involved!

Within our organisation there are plenty of opportunities for adults of all ages to volunteer Рboth in the UK and at our various centres throughout Eswatini. We have students on gap years (or months) to teachers, medical personnel to Pastors, engineers to office administrators, IT  specialists to maintenance supervisors.

Volunteering in the UK could be a regular part-time (e.g., a day per week) to full-time in the office or working remotely from home; or for a block of time e.g., helping to run an event or manning a stand.

In Eswatini volunteers can serve from upwards of a month at a time. This may be in a rural community setting or at our Hawane Farm or Bulembu sites. Each is varied and will involve different roles – we will try and place you in an area best suited for you. For those that are looking for a more ‘discipleship based internship’ again this can be arranged. Each volunteer will be mentored, need to fill in an application form and pay for volunteering in Eswatini.

What will you do?

Mentor train and teach Work on a medical out reach team Build a mud hut Renovate and paint a children's home Fund raise for a project Provide media and IT support Care and Counselling Youth work and children's work Admin and clerical duties

Here's how others have helped ...

Hazel, aged 35 from London, who volunteered for just 2 weeks!

I was one of those people that wanted to make a difference, I was just not sure how to go about doing it. I mean No.1 what skills could l possibly offer a remote town in Africa, more importantly how did l go about making it happen – especially as this is for people on gap years right? Wrong. Challenge Ministries gave me the opportunity to visit a truly wonderful country, one beautiful in so many ways: the scenery, the people and the passion to help a country in such dire need.

I saw things that moved me, energised me to help and overall made me realise that every single one of us could make a difference in some way. You really get to understand the heart of the Swazi people and the challenges they face. Then you really get to see the transformation that people like me can make, just by attending these trips or going on to support a child through the sponsorship programme. I personally came back a changed person from this trip.  All my cynical feelings gone, l had made a difference and l now have the energy to continue to do so in any little way l can. If you are thinking you would like to make a difference, see this amazing part of the world, then my advice is DO IT! You will not regret it!

Owain, a gap year student, has a life changing experience ...

If you’d asked me my expectation before spending 6 months of my life in Eswatini I’d probably have told you: ‘to make a difference in the lives of the people I helped.’ But what I received was so much more … I myself grew spiritually, emotionally and surprisingly physically.

The people I found myself surrounded by was what made my experience the most enjoyable, the CMS team are fantastic and the Swazi people are generous and kind. It was honestly a pleasure to be able to serve the Swazi community, and CMS provided a platform to do this in every way imaginable; I helped run health clinics, deliver emergency aid, build houses and so much more. For me the best part of my trip was that it gave me a platform, away from Western culture, to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and develop that relationship.

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I’m sure you will have many questions about what ‘volunteering’ will look for you – so in the first instance please fill in the form below, tell us a little of what you are looking for and we will be in contact with you.

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