Meet Ncami

Ncami was born in a small village in a remote area of Eswatini. At an early age she lost her father to the HIV/Aids pandemic, so her loving mother, who was also sick, looked after her and her two sisters.

They depended for a time upon their extended family, but eventually the burden of extra mouths to feed was too much and they had to leave to fend for themselves.

Sadly, Ncami’s mum was too sick to care for them and had an extensive stay in hospital (she has since passed away). Ncami’s 13 year old sister became ‘mum’ and looked after her and their younger sibling. They were left alone like this for a number of years – fending for themselves and trying to find love which was not there. Miraculously, through a local contact, the children’s plight was brought to the attention of one of Challenge Ministries welfare workers and all three girls were offered a home in one of our care centres.

Thanks to generous donations from around the world, Ncami (and many others like her) was given a fresh start and has realised her dream of graduating from college with a qualification in media studies – she is now employed in this industry. The true cost of providing this top quality care and education and helping to transform Ncami’s life is £250 per month (or £25/month as a co-sponsor).

For Ncami and others like her, this is how the money is spent ….

To respect Ncami's childhood privacy we have not used her photograph.

Young Ncami
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From humble beginnings our school is now turning out top quality, well rounded godly young people. We are rated among the best schools in the country and a child in our care has a seamless passage from early years at 3, to GCSE qualification.

The vision is becoming reality – to provide Eswatini’s next generation of leaders in education, business, government, health care and commerce able to take their stand in the market place and shape their nation!

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Home Care

We prefer to talk about our children in homes rather than in an orphanage. A comfortable family home of up to 6 children cared for by a loving ‘aunty’ selected, trained and supported.

Each home has been lovingly renovated providing all necessary utilities and furnishings – two bedrooms for the 6 children, one for the aunty, a bathroom and a living room. Each family eats together in a purpose built dining hall, with a nutritious balanced diet prepared in our central kitchen.

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Child Welfare

Supported by a team of our own dedicated social welfare officers, a fully functioning clinic (rated as the best in Eswatini for the last few years), our agricultural programme and our wonderful ‘aunties’ – this dream team provide, manage and look out for our children’s welfare.

Clothes for school and at home; food from our dairy, bakery, horticultural plots and purchased sources; medical intervention 24 hours a day for sick children; all this provided and so much more – love.

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To raise more money we need to invest some of your money into fundraising initiatives. So we use 10p in every 100p you give us to generate more funds.

This investment of your money (and gift aid we collect on your donation from the Government) helps us employ 2 staff, cover office overheads, pay for stands at events, purchase advertising through various media and general running of all we do in the UK.

From this investment we generate more income that saves lives – THANK YOU.

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